- Effective January 1, 1999      -      Updated January 1, 2012

  • Some districts are governed by the following special rules:
    (a) Teams may register for spring, summer, and fall leagues.
    (b) Junior Division - players 12 and under who attend schools in areas outside the area of their residence may play in their school district.  The player's first obligation is with their community team.  If a player chooses to play within their school district and the community has a Junior Division NJABC team in his age group, the individual must obtain a release to play within his school district.
    (c) The summer schedule is played among teams representing their community. District play concludes with a tournament and the winner of the district tournament being eligible for the state association tournament. The state winner advances to the regional tournament and World Series play. The format for the district play may vary according to registration.
    (d) Junior player eligibility rules follow the same guidelines, where applicable, as the senior division.
  • Certificates of insurance must be presented to the NJABC by all teams and no player will be covered by AABC insurance unless he is on the roster.
  • Each AABC team must present a roster or an approval form to its league before the beginning of season play. A copy signed by the player and manager must filed with the state by June 15. Roster changes may be made with the league and state until July 1, at which time ALL ROSTERS BECOME FINAL.
  • The AABC Handbook applies to tournament play. Playing rules follow American League rules in Musial, Mack, Mantle and Feller play. The Intermediate and Junior Division follow National League rules.
  • Twilight games should be called at 8:15 pm, unless an inning has begun, in which play may continue until 8:30 pm. Umpires may use their judgment for safety at anytime. If lights are available and used, the curfew remains the same unless the game is started as a night game. Night games are restricted to local rules, but games should end in the day they begin.
  • As a safety feature, it is mandatory that all players wear double flap helmets while batting and running the bases. It is recommended that face masks be used from the Reese Division down. Catchers must wear a helmet,  mask with a throat protector, chest protector, protective cup and shin guards while catching.


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