Please call Andrea at (888) 832-6745 or email her at

for any teamís hotel needs.


We will match the team with the hotel that best meets their needs. All they need to do is give us the specifics.


Posted on the website will be a list of hotels from which the teams can choose from or let us know if there is a more favorable hotel. The individual that handles the hotel accommodations for the team would fill out the attached form and either e-mail, fax or call Andrea Casperson.Once we receive the form from the team, we then look to see which hotels the team picked and which of the hotels can accommodate them.After we place the team into a hotel, we then send them their confirmation, where they will have to fill in the rooming list by the cut-off date.Once their rooming list is handed in their reservations are complete.


This process is easy and quick!The teams wonít have to worry about finding housing on their own.BookMyGroup handles the process from start to finish.



        Official Hotel Request Form     


        Official Hotel Request Rebate Form