- Effective January 1, 1999      -      Updated January ,1, 2012 

  • Metal cleats are permitted from Murphy play and up. An exception to this regulation is an artificial turf field.
  • Communities may register with the association on a league basis and play an in-town spring schedule. Each league must have a defined area within which its league operates. Where two or more leagues in the same area, approval for the leagues will be dependent upon the quality the league sponsor.  Preference is given to sponsors who can demonstrate long-term involvement in youth activities and baseball. Leagues will not be given permission to cover a territory unless they show a substantial registration of youth from that municipality. Each community should establish an umbrella organization so problems may be resolved on a local level.
  • All spring league players may be placed on an open summer team roster, however, the AABC Handbook rules apply to the size of the tournament rosters.
  • Every league will have their own set of rules.  These league rules may be more stringent than the state regulations. Please review these rules in the League Division and Standings section.



         NOTE:  These are guidelines to be used by our franchise partners to run Leagues for the NJABC