- Effective January 1, 1999      -      Updated  January 1, 2012

  • Senior Restricted Division (Mack/Mantle) teams maybe assembled as follows:
    (a) A base community or high school (single or regional) may merge with additional communities or high schools to establish a single recruiting area and form one or more teams. All mergers must be approved by the Mantle or Mack district commissioner and the New Jersey State President. When a merger occurs, a minimum of three players must represent each municipality or school district. Mergers will encourage the promotion of viable teams. All rosters are frozen on July 1st.
    (b) Teams in this category may add up to three NJABC eligible players from outside their recruiting area. These players will be known as pick-up players. Requests for pick-up players must come from the organization and not individual team managers.
    (c) High schools in Rule 1 do not include specialty high schools, such as county vocational schools, private schools, and religious or other non-public high schools. Schools of this type will be considered a recruiting area for the players attending that school in the year of the particular season. No mergers of schools of this type are permitted. Also, no additional players outside the school enrollment can be added during regular season play
  • No pick-up players that apply in Rule1a above can be taken from another AABC recruiting area without a written consent (waiver) of the director of that particular program. This prohibition does not apply to players on private teams described in Rule 1a and Rule 1b (i.e., players from private schools may play for their local team without a waiver). Exceptions will only be permitted by appeal to the NJABC Board of Directors.
  • All players are free agents at the end of the season.  For clarification-a pick-up player is one who is signed to a team roster before the cut off date, as described in Rule 1a. A draft player is one selected for tournament play after regular season play whose roster life ends at the end of tournaments.  (a) An eligible player may play in both Mantle and Mack tournaments at the state association level. If both teams with which he is playing go on to regional play, he must select one team to play on. His spot on the other team may then be replaced by an eligible association player. At no time may the AABC Handbook rules be violated.
    (b) A player may play for more than one team in league play, provided the teams are in different leagues.
  • Senior open teams (Musial/Mack Division) are not bound by local community restrictions as in the foregoing rules(a) Intermediate  Division (Koufax 14U and Koufax 13U), teams may be formed under restricted division rules as outlined in Rules 1. to 4.  Where a league is formed with open recruiting rules, these teams will be permitted six pick-up players with residence outside the recruiting area, but these teams are not eligible for tournament draft players unless they reduce the number of pick-up players on their roster (b) Junior Division - Reese 12U, Hodges 11U, Mays 10U, Glanville 9U, and Clemente 8U are community based leagues.

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